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  • Brazil Soars in Clean Energy Rankings – Renewable Energy World: There is an old joke that says Brazil is the country of the future – and always will be. But with rapid economic growth, the government claiming that some 40 million people have been lifted out of poverty in the past decade and the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro on the horizon, it seems the joke is about to fall flat…(more)



  • The Third Way: Advanced biofuels as a system of systems – Biofuels Digest: It has been an exciting week in industrial biotech. Elevance filed for its IPO, as it chases down scale-up for its technologies unlocking value in renewable chemicals and possibly fuels. Then there was the news that Mascoma and Fulcrum Bioenergy were also filing IPOs for their cellulosic ethanol technologies, as they assemble capital for their leap to commercial scale, too… (more)


  • The Case for Building Smart Grid Apps With Service Oriented Architecture – Greentech Media: Nearly every smart grid application you can name relies on functionality and data from multiple systems. Take condition-based transformer maintenance, for instance. Leading utilities are predicting failures and building proactive maintenance strategies by combining data from their AMI networks along with data about transformers from enterprise asset management systems, then analyzing past failure data from maintenance applications… (more)


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